Why Pick Bespoke Furniture?

Are you looking to decorate your home with some well-made pieces that will stand the test of time? Or do you just hate flat-pack furniture with a vengeance? It sounds like bespoke furniture is the one for you. Firstly, you might ask, what is bespoke furniture? If you are unsure, it is always advisable to seek help in your local furniture shop from their team of professionals.

It means that it has been made for a specific customer and there aren’t any others like it. This is perfect if you are looking for a unique design or just like things that aren’t standard.

Fully Customized

When you are designing a piece of furniture there are no limitations. You don’t have to worry about what size or color it comes in – you decide everything.

This means you are free to create the perfect piece of furniture to match the aesthetic of your house. Or you can just design an item you’ve never seen in store before.

If you’re looking for clever storage or to fill an unusual shape, purchasing a bespoke item will assist you in the process.


We’ve all seen the episode of Friends where Rachel tries to pass off a department store table as an antique. How many times have you walked into someone’s apartment and gone ‘I have that’ about some furniture?

By designing your own piece, you are guaranteed to stop having that boring conversation and start having a new one. Have a bespoke design is a great talking piece, especially when hosting.

There is no pressure to design your furniture either. When speaking to a bespoke designer, you can just tell them your requirements and let them create something beautiful.

High-Quality Furniture

Because the furniture you purchase isn’t mass-produced, you will find that it is higher quality than something you would buy cheaply. This is because bespoke designers make a living off creating commissioned furniture.

If they used low-quality materials or tried to cut corners in any way then they might risk losing business. Instead, they create pieces that are beautiful and hard to replace.

This makes the cost is higher than something you could buy at a furniture store. However, it is worth it.

Longer Lifespan

As mentioned, the quality of the product is much higher than the budget items. This means the buy and replace mindset will be lost.

If you break a cheap piece of furniture, it’s no big deal to pick another one up. However, these costs do add up over time

What started out cheap is now getting more and more expensive as you have to keep purchasing it.

Hand Made

Getting a bespoke design means you benefit from the skills and expertise of a master craftsman. Instead of being mass-produced or shipped from China, you know who your furniture was made by and you can give them the recognition they deserve.