Timber Versus Steel Sheds

There has been a debate over which type of garden shed offers the best value to the owner. Timber and steel shed have been there for some time. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and that is why people have different preferences for each. Depending on your needs, you might choose metal shed over wood sheds and vice versa. If you are therefore looking for additional storage space for your household, don’t waste time looking for other options, dismissing the timber shed or the steel shed. However, ensure you do your research to determine which will serve you better. If you choose the steel or timber shed, ensure you understand the pros and cons and have ways to minimise the drawbacks. Keeping in mind that sheds are not just meant for storage but can also be used for your purposes, such as reading, you need to make the right choice. The points below will help you understand the differences between steel sheds and timber sheds.

Steel Sheds Versus Wood Sheds 


One thing to note about the steel shed is that they are way cheaper than wood sheds. They are usually prefabricated, and hence, once you buy the kit, the only bit that remains is assembling, which is pretty easy. This means that you won’t have to spend a lot of money on materials and labour as opposed to wood sheds. Besides, since metal buildings are modular, it is much easier to add more storage space later if need be. You could also get more massive steel shed at the same price you could have bought a smaller timber shed. This is why most people will prefer the steel shed as opposed to the woodshed. Steel sheds also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as opposed to the woodshed. However, this doesnâ€t mean that you won’t find an expensive steel shed. The prices of the metal sheds will be determined by several factors, such as whether the shed has powder-coated colours or not.


If you care too much about appearance, then you should choose wood sheds as opposed to steel sheds. Wooden sheds are usually more attractive as compared to steel sheds, and they tend to blend well with the look of your garden. Hence, if you want a shed that will complement the look of your garden, you should definitely go for wood sheds. Steel sheds are more practical, and hence, it is more challenging to make it blend naturally with the overall look of your garden. Besides, it is possible for you to customise the look of your woodshed by adding windows as opposed to other types of sheds. You can always build a wooden shed to fit in all the circumstances, something you can’t do with steel sheds. On the other hand, for you to modify your steel shed to suit different circumstances, you will need serious tools such as grinders.


You also need to consider the issue of durability. Steel sheds tend to be impervious to fires, moisture, pest damage, and mould. This means that they are not prone to pest attacks and damages. Wood sheds, on the other hand, are not impervious to the above factors. In case a fire occurs, the woodshed gets burnt, and this puts you and your property at risk. When you are choosing your building site, you need to select a site carefully. Don’t expose the shed to factors that will cause it to depreciate. If you want a metal shed, ensure you place it on an elevated area. Also, put a good foundation as this will determine how long the shed will last. If the steel shed has proper protective coatings, don’t expect it to get affected by external factors such as moisture. Wood sheds can get moisture anytime and especially if you don’t have good drainage. Moist conditions increase the chances of mould forming and pests thriving. If you have to use wood sheds, ensure you buy timber that is resistant to pests and rot, such as the red cedar.


If you are looking for an excellent insulator, choosing the steel shed may not be the best option. Wood is an excellent insulator and so, timber shed has a bit more edge as opposed to steel sheds, if the issue of insulation is to be considered. If you plan to spend a lot of your time in the shed, consider lumber. It has a way of resisting outside temperatures hence leaving the inside of the shed to have cool temperatures. Spending a lot of your time in the metal shed could leave you uncomfortable, especially during the scorching and cold times.


Since the issue of conserving the environment has become more prevalent, most people tend to prefer the steel sheds as opposed to the woodshed. By using steel sheds, you are minimising the frequent use of wood, and cutting of trees. Besides, most of the metal building components are made of recycled products, and even when the metals wear out, they can be used to create something else. Acts of recycling help to conserve the environment, promoting a safer world. Encroachment of the forests to get wood for purposes such as wood sheds is doing more harm than good to the environment.

If you are wondering whether you should buy steel or timber shed, then don’t fret anymore. The point above will help you make an informed decision. Ensure you compare the pros and cons of both before making a decision.